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I’m Misbah Haque, a media producer and trainer from Philly. My top-rated podcast, Inside the Mind with Misbah Haque propelled a 10+ year international fitness career training SWAT team, Cirque de Soleil performers, MLB players, and Fortune 500 executives. After years of helping other athletes and coaches launch successful shows, I started Pod Mahal in 2020 to help underdogs build their own table with podcasting.


How write a podcast script for bingeable episodes in 2022

A great podcast starts with a great script. Even if it’s a loose outline you’ve sketched out in your mind. Your script is your roadmap for the entire episode—it'll determine the flow of conversations, the topics you'll cover, and the overall tone of the show. In this post, I’ll give...

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‘Making it’ in remote coaching

‘Making it’ in remote coaching I got asked to be on the Fit As Scheidt podcast to talk about coaching online. I’m a nobody. But I figured out how to make a career out of fitness. Both on-site and fully remote. I went into the conversation wondering, “How will anyone...

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