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I’m Misbah Haque, a media producer and trainer from Philly. My top-rated podcast, Inside the Mind with Misbah Haque propelled a 10+ year international fitness career training SWAT team, Cirque de Soleil performers, MLB players, and Fortune 500 executives. After years of helping other athletes and coaches launch successful shows, I started Pod Mahal in 2020 to help underdogs build their own table with podcasting.


My Notion Time Tracking System (Free Template Download)

My Notion Time Tracking System (Free Template Download) Why Time-Tracking Matters? If you’re an entrepreneur, you want to invest your time or give your time to your business to make it profitable. You wanted to look back and track how much time you invested in everything, including answering emails, doing...

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My top 3 note-taking and writing apps in 2023

My Top 3 Note-Taking and Writing Apps in 2023 Discover my top 3 chosen note-taking and writing apps and the things you need to consider when using them. You wanted to take notes regularly. But you don’t want to stick with a pen and paper setup. That’s why apps are...

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Best podcast equipment for beginners under $200

Best podcast equipment for beginners under $200 You don’t need to spend a fortune to get started with podcasting. In fact, you can start recording high-quality episodes for less than $200. Here’s how: What You’ll Need First things first: let’s take a look at what you’ll need to get started....

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I make videos teaching people how to leverage podcasting

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