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Podcast Coaching



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Helped solve a few major roadblocks to getting started.

– From editing software and workflow fears

– To naming and branding the show

– And even bridging the monetization strategy to her existing financial literacy products and services

Tiered support at all stages 


Josefine was scared to speak on air because of air accent. Despite the fact that she was training celebrities in LA and DJs in Sweden, there were a lot of fears around putting out podcasts. A strong pull towards doing so after being a Lewis Howes and Jay Shetty fan for years.

I helped Josefine through the ideation and launch phases with DONE WITH YOU, PODCAST COACHING.

Then we shifted towards DONE FOR YOU support so Josefine could offload her podcast production. Making it so she can just show up and record.

We even built a website in English AND Sweden that’s optimized to turn listeners into coaching clients.

Co-created and co-hosted podcast into a lead generation source


I launched Look Good Move Well with Marcus Filly in 2017. We had a few conversations on my personal podcast, leading to good chemistry, and over 20,000 downloads per episode.

My main role at Revival Strength was coaching clients online. Growing and managing a roster of 40-70 clients. 

A large part of that acquisition was done through podcast listeners. They’d mention previous episodes on our sales calls and in the consult request forms.

Here is an example of a client form Warsaw, Poland who had only heard my voice on a podcast before working with me.

Dawid P. – Fitness Coaching Client from Warsaw, Poland

“I didn’t even know what you looked like before we talked for the first time. But I knew your voice from the podcast.”


Helped Blake grow from 12 remote clients to managing a roster of 50+ clients



Make the most out of a single recording session


Capture clips that make viewers want more. Vertically formatted and  optimized for Shorts, Reels, and TikTok. 



I got to choose and edit 20 clips from a single episode that was about 2.5hrs long.

Mat Fraser  – 5x Fittest Man On Earth


Handled the entire production for Invictus Mindset Podcast from software setup, promotional clips, YouTube thumbnails, and more. 

Nurture clients and prospects for your membership programs

Strong Bodies by Tish (Coach, British Columbia, Canada)

“I started making pretty good money, and then the more business owners I spoke to, the more they kept saying, you need to continue to invest in your own business. [Podcasting] is an investment in my business. I see other trainers doing it and I really, really liked [Misbah]. I loved [his] energy. I’m always alone. I’m always doing things by myself, but it’s nice to have someone like [Misbah] helping me. That’s the only way you’re going to grow, is if you constantly are invested in it, financially and otherwise.”

Network organically for your businesses

Build under your name

Athan is an entrepreneur of several fitness and wellness businesses. All in the brick and mortar space. But online there was very little to represent all of his real world authority.

So I helped Athan build a website for his podcast. And turn this show into a place where he can creatively stretch his conversation skills. Naturally this allowed him to build links, relationships, and authority in his community of Bastrop, Texas even further.

“I can’t recommend this service enough. If you’re like me, and you feel like you’ve got something to say you’ve got something that you want to give to the world, but you’re not quite sure how to do it. This is this is a great place to start. So don’t hesitate. Check these guys out. You won’t regret it.”