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My Top 3 Note-Taking and Writing Apps in 2023

Discover my top 3 chosen note-taking and writing apps and the things you need to consider when using them.

You wanted to take notes regularly. But you don’t want to stick with a pen and paper setup. That’s why apps are created to help you in capturing your ideas every day and anywhere you go, and to whatever devices you are using in recording your own thoughts. But some are having trouble finding the best note-taking and writing apps that they can depend on.

You are part of the many who have been obsessed with finding the right apps that will fit your needs and meet your expectations. Using the best note-taking apps can help you manage your time in developing your thoughts.

This article will feature the Top 3 chosen note-taking and writing apps that can be beneficial to you.


Notes App is an app available for iPhones and iOS devices. A built-in Notepad for your system which is definitely FREE of charge is favorable to you as an Apple product user. A trusted and quick app that is reliable for your daily note-taking and writing of ideas. Making some TAGS and FOLDERS under this app to organize and categorize things will definitely be useful to you. The benefit of using this app doesn’t stop there, these Notes are synced as well to your iCloud and across all your iOS devices.


Notion is considered to be a staple app that can help you consolidate all tools you are using when writing, note-taking, making to-do-lists, project management, and more. This app is definitely customizable that’s why a lot of writers and creatives are using this app. But there’s no such thing as a perfect app. Despite the benefit that you can use it both on your desktop and mobile devices there’s a problem that arises.

What is the problem with this app?

When you actually tried to copy and pasting text out of it together with all the emoji’s and formatting, it doesn’t really format very well. But of course, I still continue to use it.


iA Writer is an app that stood out among all apps. Why? Because it is definitely an app that is DISTRACTION FREE and SIMPLE. No lot of bells and whistles.

Why is iA Writer considered a favorite app?

  1. Cross-Device Compatibility

Writing from a computer to an iPad, then going to iPhone, this still works!

What are the cons of this?

You can start using this on your iPad, and you can still have it available on your iPhone, but you need to purchase it separately from your computer. And it will cost you a minimum range of $50. Definitely paying an extra amount for another device is a hassle.

What are the pros of this?

This app is worth a purchase for all of your devices. It is just a one-time fee and not a recurring subscription like any other apps (Ever new, Notion) and other things like that. When you purchase this app, its syncing capability is so smooth and instantaneous that when you write from your iPad, and then go to your iPhone and continue your work, you can very easily do that.

2. Available Character and Word Counter Titles

Writing under 50 characters is a pretty good rule of thumb. You don’t have to go to a web based character, counter type app or word counter because this brilliant version of an app will do its part as much as you want to track this stuff when you are writing.

3. Capacity to COPY and PASTE IN and OUT of the APP.

As mentioned earlier, notion have its con to not able to do this. But this app do the job. It can perfectly copy and paste thing in and out there which most of the writers and creative prime reason why they use note taking apps.

4. Putting Emojis and Other Characters

If you wanted to use an exclamation point to remind you that your note is important, a green emoji and a checkmark for your to do list, an eyes emoji to remind you need to look at whatever pops up on your screen and to whatever task that needs a reminder, this iA Writer will give no hassle to whatsoever ways at all.

5. Sync able to iCloud

Similar with the Notes App, this iA writer can be set up that way as well which make it pretty reliable for you to use long term.


You don’t want to invest in an app that you know you will not use for a very long time and build up all your notes and everything in there. It will be an inconvenience for you if you put everything, you waste all your money, but in the end, you’ll have a hard time getting out or preserving a lot of that information. It will surely be a hassle on your part.

So these three apps as mentioned above,

The native Notes App that never fails if you want a free and reliable option to go to a dump stuff app,

The Notion if you put things there and wanted revisit from time to time without the need of copy and pasting info’s out of this app

And the iA Writer that is worthy and a great help for you for all of your ideas, messages, copying and pasting and everything starts. This isn’t limited to iOS or Mac Devices, so check it out if you are using Windows and Android or anything like that.

You just have to choose what best fit for you or you might choose to use all the apps presented or just a combination of both depending on what your needs are or where you are comfortable.  You are sticking to an app not just out of its purpose but also it’s fun and easy to use. This apps will get their job done and it’s a great way of thinking that you have a trusted application for getting ideas out of your head.

So what do you think is the best Note-Taking Apps for you?

If you have any questions or inquiries, drop a message to [email protected]. I’d be happy to help you!