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My Notion Time Tracking System (Free Template Download)

Why Time-Tracking Matters?

If you’re an entrepreneur, you want to invest your time or give your time to your business to make it profitable. You wanted to look back and track how much time you invested in everything, including answering emails, doing projects, brainstorming ideas, filming and posting videos to social media, and many more. You wanted to clock in just like you are the employee of your own business to keep on track. But it doesn’t limit business owners, freelancers, and employees, but also to those ordinary people who want to stay organized and manage their time accordingly.

One software that gets my attention the most regarding time-tracking is the Notion App.

Let’s discover how this notion template helps me with my time-tracking management


  1. You can see when the template is created.
  2. You can write a more specific task
  3. You can encode notes for your tasks.
  4. You can monitor the time you have invested.
  5. You can monitor the day the task was done.
  6. You can put tags.
  7. You can see the total time for the overall tasks through its sum.

Seeing the time when the template was created will let you know when you started making your tasks or when you ended the duties. It will give you the current time and date.

2 – You can write a MORE SPECIFIC task.

Writing it specifically will make it easier to track the time you have allotted with a particular client or a typical job and also help monitor that task’s progress.

3. You can encode NOTES of your tasks

This section of the notion will typically give you the freedom to use it, depending on your need. If there’s a significant thing you might or need to take note of, you can just put it here, but if there is none, you can leave it blank, if you don’t mind.

4. You can MONITOR the TIME you have invested

This column is filled out after the task is completed. Doing simple math on how much time you spend on a specific job and then encoding it will help you track the total time.

5. You can monitor the DAY the task was done

Seeing the day column when the job is done will help you watch all the events accomplished during that day. It will keep you on track with what was done during a specific day. 

6. You can put TAGS

This will help you categorize your tasks and see what aspects you focus more on. But the good thing is that you can personalize it depending on the preferences you want to see.

7. You can see the TOTAL Time through the sum

This template will give you the total sum of the entire tasks you made. One thing that is off about this template, unlike excel sheets, when you highlight some of the cells, it will give you the sum of the sheets you highlighted only. This app doesn’t have that capacity. It’s not a big deal, but the notion may improve this.

Notion Template is a good choice

Aside from what was mentioned above, this template can be set up into a calendar template wherein you can check the summary of what you did for the whole month and will let you note which days your work is heavy or profitable and which weeks you mainly focus on editing, writing, blogging, or any other tasks. You also must remember that choices like sort or filter are available to help you arrange your job if you want to work on the most recent stuff. You can add your filters and change emojis in whatever you want.

So I hope this was useful to you and you gained some lessons like I did when I started customizing this template.

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Download the FREE Notion Time Tracking template by clicking this link: