Content Strategy: 5 Stages to Change

‘Transformation’ is at the heart of great products, services, and even content. But how do you architect this experience into your customer experience? I often thing about this because people won’t buy or continue to use a product/service unless it fosters some sort of change.

When I buy an Apple Pencil I don’t really need, I’m moved by the vision of myself as a better writer. A better creator. Even if those things aren’t true. It matches up with my desired change.

Now you could apply this concept to a million other products that would contribute to this example of being a better writer or creator.

With a new notebook. Pen. An online course. There’s a flash forward into the future around how this will impact my desired identity.

Jackie Bebenroth is a genius marketer, CEO and brand advisor at Muse. She shared a framework with Bryce and I on the Human Evolution Project. I think you’ll really enjoy implementing this into whatever you’re working on. And developing a deeper understanding of how you can architect change into your client or prospect experience.

If you want to check out the full episode with Jackie, give it a listen here: