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– In 2016, I was slugging away as a fitness instructor, opening the gym at 5am, teaching 6 spin classes a day, then rushing home to Uber drive for extra cash. Sleep, rinse, repeat. I started my first show (now Inside the Mind with Misbah Haque) as a creative, and spiritual outlet. I wanted to stretch my mind in the gymnastics of conversation. I was also hella nervous and wanted to tackle my fear of learning in public.

–  Cut to 2017, my podcast lands me a dream internship at CrossFit Invictus and a job at Revival Strength, where I produced and co-hosted over 100 episodes (1m+ downloads) of Look Good Move Well with Marcus Filly, a professional athlete and founder of

– In 2020, after contributing to the fitness space for 10+ years, I started Pod Mahal to help other people make quantum leaps in their self expression and business through podcasting. While many of my clients are in the fitness and wellness space, it’s expanded to quite the—one day it’s a dorky dad’s comic book podcast, the next it’s a 71 y/o Pilates instructor sharing alll the deets about her dating life and love. I’m hooked on the magic of getting to know each creator on such a frequency that I can help them speak their ideas into existence.

Here are some of my favorite episodes


Invictus Mindset Podcast w/ Los Angeles Lakers’ Assistant Strength & Conditioning Coach:

Coaching For Impact: Applying Knowledge w/ Dr. John Berardi and Marcus Filly:

Emotional Fitness & Cognitive Flexibility w/ Carl Paoli:

Squat University: Going DEEP w/ Dr. Aaron Horschig:

Biohacking Fitness, Brain Function, and Creativity w/ Ben Greenfield:

How Coaching Can Help You Take Quantum Leaps w/ Noah Kagan:

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